Adrian Hirt

Computer Science Student at ETH Zürich

About me

Computer Science at ETH Zürich

Hey there, thanks for visiting my page. I'm Adrian Hirt and I study Computer Science at ETH Zürich since 2015.
Before, I completed my mandatory army service at the Airforce base in Payerne, where I got promoted to Private First Class for good performance.

My hobbies include programming, 3D-printing, gaming, cosplay and traveling.

I'm the webmaster of the VSETH GECO and a member of the VIS NachKomm as well as the VIS HoPo team.


Computer Science Student at ETH Zürich

Classes I took so far:

Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics
Design of Digital Circuits
Algorithms & Datastructures
Algorithms & Probability
Calculus I
Parallel Programming
Introduction to Programming
Japanese A1.1


Here you'll find some of the materials I made during my studies.

Zusammenfassung Lineare Algebra
Zusammenfassung Diskrete Mathematik
Zusammenfassung Algorithmen & Datenstrukturen
Lineare Algebra: Eigenvektoren & Eigenwerte
Maturarbeit: "Die Gräfin Margit von Batthyány im Fokus der Medien"

The summaries may contain errors and are provided as they are. Use them to make your own summary, making your own summary is a great way to study!

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